The Soul CodeTM 

Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul 

The Soul Code is a healing modality that was passed to me by my Ascended Master Ailemon.  Ailemon has guided me through documenting every step of the Soul Code process as I uncovered the archetypal reality of souls, energies, and higher dimensions.  He and Archangel Michael proposed that I write it down and create a service where I can begin to spread the knowledge.  This is knowledge that should be available to all, and not kept for the special few.  It is they who are channeling this information through me so that it can reach a wider population of people.  I believe this type of knowledge can help many in their quest for awareness of their true self and the pathway of their Soul Journey.  The Soul Code will allow any person to be able to discover the components that constitute the ‘I’ and be able to mitigate the negative aspects and accentuate the positive.  After all, anything we can do to move our souls through the karmic cycle and support others in doing the same, can only help humanity. 

Soul Code Session


One Remote Session of The Soul Code


The session includes:

  • 1 Soul Code Session
  • Emailed Report
  • Conducted by the creator of the Soul Code
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