The Soul Detective

Soul Journey Support


There are instances when Souls can't or won't move beyond the physical realms for various reasons.  This is because the Soul cannot let go of the negative emotions surrounding their death.  There are even those Souls that don’t realize their physical body has died – they are in denial.  When this happens, these Souls fail to release from this world and move on to the ‘Reception Area,’ where they are met by their angelic Guide and escorted to the Powers for evaluation of their Soul Journey.

How do you know if a Soul has passed out of this physical realm and into the Reception Area?  There are many who are sensitive to the presence of Souls and can feel them.  Other times there are disturbances in an area, such as a house (what people might term poltergeist activity) and one can see the evidence of a presence.  The reason the Soul hangs out in a certain area, is because they are emotionally attached to it.  Other times a Soul can reach out and ask for help from someone who has the knowledge to move them along. 

I have this knowledge.  With guidance from Archangel Azrael, Archangel Raphael, and Ascended Master Jesus, I can connect with the Soul and escort them to the Reception Area.  At this point, their angelic Guide comes and takes them to continue along their Soul Journey.

Soul Crossing


One Remote Session

Would you like to help a loved one to the Reception Area and beyond?  

Or want a presence removed from a specific area? 

This session provides an escort for the Soul so they may continue their Soul Journey.

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Location Clearing


Per Location

Will clear any negative presence(s) from a location.  This could be a:

  • Home
  • Business
  • Land
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