The TimeLine CodeTM 

Discover the Genealogy of Your Birth Soul 

Every one of us would like to know more about our ancestry, which is why we are always searching, hoping to find more information on the subject about where we came from.  In the last few years, websites such as,,, have surfaced and they help those who are willing to know more.  These websites provide data that is backed by a person’s DNA, records kept in their family archives, and government archives.  These websites help one uncover information about their current physical life.

However, the thing that we need to ask ourselves is, why do we always focus on the physical aspects?  What if we can go beyond that?  What if we can see past the physical aspects?  What if you could discover the ancestry of your Soul?  What if you could discover the genealogy of your Birth Soul?

Would knowing when you first came to Earth be interesting?  Would understanding what your archetypes have been, your occupations, your place of birth be of any interest to you?  Maybe you would just like to see how your karmic balance, or your Soul Journey, has played out over the millennium?

This is what the TimeLine Code can do for you. 

TimeLine Code Session


One Remote Session of The TimeLine Code


The session includes:

  • 1 TimeLine Code Session
  • Emailed Report
  • Conducted by the creator of the TimeLine Code
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